Stranded Loose Tube GYTTY ADSS

Type: ADSS
ADSS cable is the short form for All-dielectric Self-supporting Optical Cable.

ADSS fiber optical cable is loose tube stranded;
the tubes are filled with water resistant filling compound.

The tubes are standed around fiber reinforced
plastic are non-metallic central strength
member into a compact and circular cable core.

After the ADSS cable cable core is filled with filling compound,
it is covered with a thin PE inner sheath ,after two layers
of Aramid yarns which are applied in two directions over
the inner sheath as stength member,

ADSS optical fiber cable is completed with PE or AT outer sheath.


Can be installed without shutting off the power

Excellent AT performance,The Maximum inductive at the operating point of AT sheath can reach 25KV

Light weight and small diameter reducing the load caused by ice and wind and load on towers and backprops

Accurate control on Aramid application greatly improving the strength of cables

Accurate fiber excess length and stranding pitch to ensure the good performance of tensile strength and the temperature

The design life span is 30 years.

FiberNominalNominalMaxNo.ofAllowable TensileAllowable TensileAllowable CrushAllowable Crush
CountDiameterWeightFibers(Tubes+Load (N)Load (N)ResistanceResistance
per Tubefillers)(N/100mm)(N/100mm)
(s)(mm)(kg/km)(s)(s)Short TermLong TermShort TermLong Term

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