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Difference between super cat5 and cat6

1. It is the difference in performance between the two. The most important part of the difference between the super-category five network cable and the six-type network cable is that its performance is different. Although the Cat5e line and Cat6 line system are capable of transmitting Gigabit network speed, the stan...


The Basic knowledge of CCTV CATV MATV IPTV and SMATV

The Basic knowledge of CCTV CATV MATV IPTV and SMATV 1-CCTV CCTV is the abbreviation of the sentence Close Circuit Television . It is called CLOSE as the signals here are not distributed/transmitted publically but are monitored and are available only to the authorized people to watch . The footage comes from the one...


The difference between PVC, PE, and XLPE

The difference between PVC, PE, and XLPE Polyethylene English referred to as PE, it is ethylene polymer, non-toxic. Easy to color, good chemical stability, cold resistance, radiation resistance, good electrical insulation. It is suitable for food and drug packaging materials, making food utensils, medical equipment,...


What is CPR Class?

What is CPR? The CPR (Construction Product Regulation) is a regulation issued by the European Union, in force since 1 st July 2016. The purpose of the CPR is to: Ensure the harmonization across Europe of the materials used in construction Achieve higher safety levels for fire and dangerous substances in materials us...


What’s the difference of Flame retardant vs fire resistant cables

  What’s the difference of Flame retardant vs fire resistant cables Fire resistant or flame resistant, flame retardant or heat resistant… There are many terms in use, but what really separates one wire or cable from another when it comes to withstanding high temperatures, or even a full-scale fire? Heat resista...